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From The Noble President


I first want to say thank you to all that attended the last meeting. I believe the conversation about leasing the burger wagon and related burger wagon issues was a good one and I was proud of how all the Nobels discussed the issues.

Our task at hand now is to continue to prepare for the burger wagon. The burger wagon has been thoroughly cleaned except the grill area. Other Lakefair coordination is well under way. Ben Shatz and I attended the food vendor meeting on 5 June. I will be contacting the crew that usually prepares the burger wagon for Capital Lakefair to coordinate for the remainder of the work.

Our next meeting will be at a local restaurant in Olympia named Trinacria on 28 June. The address is 113 Capital Way N, Olympia WA 98501. Camels milk will be at 6:00 follow by dinner at 7:00. I hope you can all attend.

Yours in the Faith,

Sam Lantow President 2013 TMSC


Auto Raffle

Damien Kolb - Oriental Guide Illustrious Sirs and Nobles All:

At our stated meeting on December 5th at 7:00pm we drew the winning ticket for the auto raffle! The lucky winner of the 1957 Chevy pick-up was Laura Roth of Longview WA with ticket # 02045. The ticket was sold by the Columbia River Shrine Club at their sales during the 4th of July festival and parade in Longview. Pictured presenting Laura with the keys to the truck are Potentate-Elect Ralph Cristler, IS Glenn "Henny" Henderson and officers of the Columbia River Shrine Club. Laura fired up the truck at the Three Rivers Mall presentation (we attracted quite a crowd) and was last seen heading west at a high rate of speed! A huge thanks to all the Nobles and their Ladies that helped the temple successfully sell tickets this year. Every brother that worked at an event representing their clubs and units deserves a tip of the Fez. A special pat on the back to those Nobles who handled the daily logistics and the transportation of the truck. Ticket sales this year were good and the Nobility's hard work definitely paid off for the temple! 

Shrine Truck 2013

Forest Festival....

Here are some images from the Forest Festival parade in Shelton WA.


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